My Quiet Lagoon

When I turn my attention to my breathing, my mind clears like a deep and quiet lagoon. During these moments, thoughts do not limit my vision. In perfect solitude, I become aware of an inner expanse that’s unlimited by space or time. This is my consciousness. It is my Life in all its possibilities, unadorned by limitation and separation. It is who I am.

When I observe my breathe, I have perfect knowledge that the physical universe and all it contains is pure energy displaying itself like a butterfly with wings unfolded as things. All this energy is a projection from the depths of consciousness, my quiet and unassuming lagoon. In these moments, I have no question of my identity.

When I am not focused on my breathing, the energy projection passes through the filter of my human-level thoughts. Those work as a lens to shape it into an experience that’s restricted by separation. With my eyes wide open, all I see wherever I look is the reflection of the thoughts of my choosing. ‘Look what I’ve made!’ I say to myself. ‘I am a master creator, a genius amongst the giants.’ However, I am confused for I have forgotten who I am. Without that knowledge, I am nothing. So, with only the slightest hesitation, I decide to return.

When I am back in my still lagoon and my ego has ceased its endless chatter, it has stopped projecting its naked fear into visions of the future and it has stopped worrying about my past creations. Now, with the lens neutralized and with my eyes wide open, all I see is God.