Contemplating the Present

I used to think the Present was merely the narrow slice of time that separates the past from the future. That definition implied that the Present almost does not exist. Now I realize how wrong I was. The Present not only exists, it is all there is.

The Present is where life occurs. It is the only place where life can occur. Life cannot happen in the past because the past is merely a memory. Life cannot happen in the future because the future only a thought about what might be one day. Life is Now and every moment is a new beginning. Everything that happened before this moment is practice for what happens Now.

The Present is unbounded and eternal. Unbounded does not mean spread out forever because there is no space into which it can spread. Large and small are equal. Eternal does not mean that it lasts forever. Rather, it exists free from restrictions that time would impose.

The Present is Now. It is the very absence of time. The Present is real. The past and future have no reality.

The Present also means the absence of space. Although it is a concept that may be difficult to accept by those who do not follow physics, physicists accept the reality that time and space are inexorably linked just as they know that the earth is round. Remove time from the universe and space must go with it.

The Present is without dimensions of any kind. Since there is no time, there is no past or future, no old or new. Since there is no space, there is no up or down; there is no big or little. Since there is no spacetime, there can be no fast or slow or any motion for that matter. In the Present, these labels have no meaning. “Without dimensions” means there can be no separation of any kind.

The Present is One. It contains everything there is without separation. In the physical world, there are two separators: time and space. In the Present, there is no time or space to separate two places or events from each other. Yet the concept of separation defines the physical world. It is the foundation for labels such as “yours” and “mine.” It is the source of all conflict. However, make no mistake: separation in the physical world is not a bad thing. Physical life could not exist without it. Separation and all of its forms are neither good nor bad; they are neutral. However, do not think of separation as real because it is not. They appear only outside the Present, in the non-real world. All is One.

The Present exists as the only true reality. Space and time, matter and energy are projections of thought on interconnected levels: God thoughts, soul thoughts, and ego-mind thoughts. As they are projected in the Present moment, the physical world manifests at light speed. It is reminiscent of a movie: what really exists is film in a projector illuminated by light. However, you are not the character projected on the screen; you are the observer.

The Present is where the real “me” exists. I am the observer and I am One. My physical life is my dream because its only basis is thought. Returning to the Present is acknowledging my true reality. It is awaking from the dream.

The Present is an easy place to go. It is as simple as reversing the thought process that delivered you to the physical realm. It is a process commonly called meditation. Quiet the mental chatter of the ego-mind (which is mostly worry about past events and future threats); what remains is the Present moment. The more still the ego-mind is, the more complete is the return. The length of time in meditation is not material because time is not a characteristic of the Present. The return needs only to be long enough for the awareness of Oneness to saturate the ego-mind.

The Present is real. Everything else is unreal, an illusion of thought, a dream. Physical death is nothing more than the removal of all that is not real. True Life is continuous and uninterrupted by death.

So What?

The Present is pure consciousness.

Life flows from this inner realm into the outer physical world. This is not a metaphor; it is how life works.

Thinking is the process of imprinting thought on consciousness.

The Present is the one and only source for all that is real and good. All else arises out of thought and is not real, it is part of a dream.

This means that your dream is not the source of your good. Do not look for it there. Look within and you will find it waiting, eager to spill out all over you.

“If your happiness depends on what somebody else does, I guess you do have a problem.”
- Richard Bach