How Did We Get Here?

Right this second, your path and mine have intersected and an exchange of ideas is taking place. It’s a moment of intimacy. How did we get here?

Our life experiences could have evolved in an infinite number of ways. The potential number of possible present-moments we might be enjoying right now is staggering. The vast majority of them don’t include both of us. Yet, here we are.

Is this a coincidence?

Looking from some vantage point from the past, neither of us could have anticipated how or if our meeting might take place. However, looking from this moment in time backward, it’s easy to connect the dots. What were the odds that the remarkable set of situations, conditions and circumstances would line up over time to bring about this special moment?

Was it fate?

My theory is that this present moment became destined when your thoughts and mine converged in the Oneness of the depths of consciousness where they live like old friends. They bumped into each other. You see, it’s the nature of thoughts to do that. Those bumps are usually gentle like ripples on a pond. Occasionally, they‘re not so gentle. Either way, they set up what has the appearance of a serendipitous series of events backward in time.

It was not chance at all, nor was it fate. Our paths crossed as the result of visions we each hold in mind. Those visions might have been intentional, or not. Either way, they became the direction within space and time our present moments headed. Those visions might have had common elements, or not. That doesn’t matter. We’re richer for the fact that they did in fact intersect.

When our thoughts connect in Oneness, whatever past that’s required to make the connection comes into being. How could it be otherwise? We Truth seekers know that the past has no physical reality. It’s merely whatever had to have been so that this present-moment could exist now.

The present-moment does not evolve out of the past. The past evolves out of the needs of the present-moment.

You and I conspire in consciousness to create pasts that fit our present-moments, based on our visions of our futures. That’s how our paths crossed. Each crossing of paths, in whatever form, is a step in the universe’s compulsion to evolve into higher levels of greatness. That is a level of intimacy that physical life cannot come close to matching.