Who are You? We are One!

“There is nothing outside of yourself, look within.
Everything you want is there – you are That.” – Rumi


The Symbol of the Golden Heart *

When I was younger, I remember occasions when I exclaimed, “I’m only 10% a physical being and 90% a mental being.” I was announcing to the world that I had overcome my humanness. I was affirming what I thought was my level of spirituality. Yet, in reality, my life had not changed for the better. It was still the same drudgery I had come to loath. In my more recent years, I realized my math was wrong. I had overstated my humanness by 10%! I came to realize there was actually nothing physical about me. Every ounce of me was mental. And with that realization came freedom.

The math applies to you too, as it does to everyone else. When you realize that the physical stuff of the universe is no more real than a dream, an awakening occurs. The moment you know it, you enter a new realm of living. You can begin to trust Life fully to guide and protect you. You realize at that moment that there’s nothing to fear. It’s the end of worry and anxiety. Suddenly you know that you can succeed at whatever activity you undertake, that all your needs will be provided for. It’s a full-on leap into the deep end of the swimming pool of life, sustained by the unwavering knowledge that yes indeed, you can swim. Not just tread water; you are a natural born swimmer! It’s a beautiful thing to experience. All this arises from within as soon as you know who you really are.

The fact is, you are made of consciousness. Your true-self is consciousness.  Consciousness flows from the realm of Oneness. In the process, the physical realm is born. Simultaneously, you are born, not as an infant but as you are now. It happens in two steps. Flowing consciousness first creates energy in a manner reminiscent of how a moving magnetic field creates electricity. Then that newly created energy transforms into particles (electrons, protons, neutrons and so forth) and those particles collect into atoms, molecules, cells, organs and bodies. It’s the Big Bang and 13.7 billion years of stellar evolution squeezed into an instant. Now.

The realm of Oneness is within. It dwells inside every point in space and time. The flow is from that inner place, outward. It passes through your human-level thoughts and is filtered by them. Your life experience is the result of the filtering. The Oneness, the center of your being, is all good, perfect in every sense. Your outward expression might be less than that. If so, look no further than those human-level thoughts. Accept your Oneness and change your human level ego-mind thoughts so they align with your Oneness.

You and I share the Oneness as our true selves. Since everything we experience is an expression of the flowing consciousness, and our true selves are not part of the physical universe but are part of the undifferentiated whole of Oneness, there’s nothing outside the Oneness that has any reality. That which seems to exist outside this Oneness is nothing more real than a dream. Therefore, nothing someone says or does in the dream can have any power over you. Nothing can bring you harm. There is nothing to fear.

Oneness is God. It’s the source of all, even the dream, filtered as it may be. It’s where your visions originate, flowing forth to become your physical experience. Sit quietly and meditate on this Oneness, your source. As you do, you are home. Quiet the activity of your human brain, that chatter you listen to so much of the time. Realize you are the listener, not the source of the chatter. Think deeply about the chatter and why your human ego-mind is concerned. As you reflect deeply, you’ll find that deep down, the underlying emotion is fear. Let your human-self bathe in the knowledge that there is nothing to fear. All is well. All is safe and secure. You know in your soul that this is the truth. Let your ego-self know it too.



 The symbol of The Golden Heart. The red triangle represents the task of a human being: to become One. The two angles at the base symbolize duality, earthy life with her polarities. The angle at the top of the triangle symbolizes non-duality or Oneness. The golden heart and the reversed golden triangle represent the omnipresent Principe of God. The green and golden triangle refer to the treasure in the heart of the human being.