Why We’re Here

The physical part of us, our bodies, exists to be a channel of communication between God and the universe. In one direction, our five senses record events, conditions, situations and circumstances as they occur in the present moment and move them into the realm of consciousness. We are God’s eye and ears. In the other direction, we transmit information back into the physical realm. That happens through our ability to express ourselves. Our voices, our writing, our moods and even our emotions transmit God-messages into space and time. Inventions like the Internet and digital cameras are prosthetic devices that enhance the Universe’s reach in both directions.

The universe has been evolving steadily toward a higher quality of being for nearly 14 billion years. The grand purpose of our presense here and now is to assist as God kicks the pace of conscious evolution up a notch. We can do our part by sending love every time we talk or write and whenever we transmit our moods and emotions into the nearby universe.

Oh, one other thing. We’re much better at this when we’re quiet and we listen. So, let’s not clutter our minds with judgment. That way we’ll hear that which we’re supposed to transmit. We can make a big difference.