The Truth about Time and Space

Space and time are the carriers of separation and nothing else. Space separates two or more objects, be they galaxies, people, rose bushes or photons. Time separates events. Space and time themselves have no physical properties. The notion they do is an illusion. They’re a form of thought. Life shows up in the physical realm when the thought of separation arises in consciousness. At that instant, the present-moment appears as a personal experience. It flows from within outward and reflects back in the form of electromagnetic waves – light – which our five human senses detect. At that moment, we are aware. Stated in other terms, personal experiences are as real as a dream, a very special kind of dream to be sure. However, dreams do not affect the dreamer. Therefore, judging them as ‘good’ or ‘bad’ is not only a needless distraction, it’s a practice that leads directly to worry, fear, anxiety and suffering. Instead, enjoy life in the moment and discard the rest. Nothing else really matters.