God Did Not Create You or Me

Did God create me, this particular physical expression that has become known in the world as Doug Stearns? It’s a common assumption among believers that God is that creator. However, it’s a misconception. God is not directly responsible for this creation. The proof is in the fact that this physical expression of life isn’t perfect.

All God’s creations are Perfection. Actually, that is a bit of a misstatement. God does not create; God is Creation. The difference in meaning is huge. God is not a being; God is Being itself. God is not a force; God is Force itself. God is not an idea; God is Divine Idea itself. The highest form of Divine Idea we know of is the perfect idea of humankind. In New Thought spiritual circles that idea is known as the Christ. It is what Jesus taught in spite of what the religion that grew up in his name claims. It is a form of energy  with a specific set of vibrations, a realm of consciousness that delineates where my mind meets the Mind of God. It is the life force in all people everywhere. There’s not a person in the world who doesn’t have Christ consciousness at the core of their being. It is the true essence of who you are, of who I am.

So, if God did not create me, who did? The human me is the Christ-me overlaid with the sum total of my thoughts. In other words, I am a self-creation. I am the creation of my own mind. I have been manifested into the physical realm by the activity of my personal thinking. Some of that is conscious thought; some is subconscious. High on the list of those thoughts is the thought of separation. That’s why, when I still my thinking mind (as during meditation) I gain an awareness that I am not the physical person I’ve grown
accustom to thinking I am. In those moments I am experiencing life as the Christ-me.

There are not seven billion Christs in the world. There is only one and it is the true you; it is the true me; it was the true Jesus. It is the true being of all people. This is why, when I still my thoughts, I feel Oneness with all life. This is because I am One with all life. It is the same Oneness that quantum physics describes as the Planck realm, the absence of space and time, a Universe without separation.

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