Our Desperate Egos and Why They Judge

The ego-self has no reality attached to it. It’s nothing more than thinking – a series of thoughts that compares itself to other egos and to events, conditions and situations it observes in the world around it. The ego exists only relative to everything else it becomes aware of by way of the body’s five senses. This is what judgment is and is why we compulsively judge everything we see, hear, feel, taste or smell. Since our ego-self, the part most people consider to be their “real” self, has no underlying reality, it is constantly and desperately trying to define itself. Therefore, it judges. It won’t exist otherwise. It is so desperate that, absurdly, it spends more time judging its own actions than any of the other inputs it receives. This is also why, during meditation, when the chatter comes to rest we often experience the sensation that the ego has vanished. It has, but only temporarily because judgment has taken a break.

Should we be trying to stop all judgment? No, not necessarily. Having an ego identity is necessary to live and interact in the physical realm. Judgment also creates the illusion of separation, something that has gotten a bad rap in spiritual circles. Physical life requires separation. That’s not a bad thing so long as we keep our fears separate from it. We can do that by knowing that judgment and the separation it creates is an illusion. And, we need to recognize how and why we judge so that we can filter out of the process all of our fear-based judgment. That’s the form that poisons lives. That’s the form that has to go.

On the other hand, if the goal is to transcend life rather than live and interact in it, even if only for a few minutes, then yes, we need to end all judgment.

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