The Creative Power of Action

The Universe responds to thought. No matter the size of the thought, the form it’s in or how you express it, the Universe begins at once to shape itself around the thought. In this way, the Universe rewards thought. However, the various forms thought comes in are unequal so some are rewarded more assertively than others are.

We live in a conscious universe. All material things from electrons to people to galaxies are made of a mental substance. At the most fundamental level, it’s a field of ideas. As an idea is observed in mind by the energy of thought, it’s projected from awareness and it takes on material-like qualities. In a burst of separation, the idea shows up in the present moment experience as a physical thing along with the history of how it got there. However, depending on the complexity of the idea and the amount of thought that has already gone into it (by one’s self or others), it very well might show up in an incomplete form. More thought will be needed before full manifestation occurs, perhaps a lot more. What form of thought will you use?

In the conscious universe we live in, physical activity is a special form of thought. It’s nothing but thought. It is highly focused, concentrated, energetic and accelerated and it earns from the Universe accelerated rewards. The slightest activity supercharges its corresponding thought. Unless combined with action, the freestanding thought of getting up from my desk to have lunch is relatively weak. On the other hand, if I put my feet into motion, it is virtually certain that lunch will manifest and my reward will be a delicious bowl of soup. It’s not that I have to work hard at it. I only need to flow with it. (Note that, relatively weak as it might be, the initial freestanding thought is far from powerless. Lunch would not occur without it. Indeed, if the thought of eating does not engage eventually, my body will die.)

Written and spoken thought has more creative juice than thought that spends its duration inside mind. Faith and belief expressed physically supercharges thought. Physical action is the most powerful category of thought because it is the most energetic and most highly focused form. Action charged by emotion accelerates it still further. Action that’s aligned with a personal vision of unselfishly helping others is the most powerful of all thoughts. It is so powerful, it might reinvent the entire world. It is fully aligned with the Universe and therefore earns exponential rewards.


“Whatever you vividly imagine, ardently desire, sincerely believe and enthusiastically act upon must inevitably come to pass.” – Paul J. Meyer



3 thoughts on “The Creative Power of Action

  1. Another excellent post, Doug. I love the much needed reminder to keep my feet moving. I’ve had LOTS of thoughts this week, but not a lot of feet movement, unless it was to get a new box of tissues.

    Must. Keep. Feet. Moving.

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