How We’re Going to Finish

Every weekday morning when I wake up I read an email sent to me by the website, “A Note from the Universe.” Their notes are short and humorous reminders of life’s magic and our awesome divinity, a message direct from God it might be said. Recently, I received this one:

“To be all I could be, Doug, I had to be you.”

When I read it, I was still in bed. On my back, iPad in hand, I read it a second time and then a third. Wow, I thought. That’s powerful. It had a special meaning to me and to my understanding of who I am and what I’m doing here. I believe the same applies to you too.

I’ve known for a long time that each of us is God individualized as us. I’ve known this not by simple faith alone or as the result of a religious belief system. I came to know it through a lifetime of studying quantum physics combined logically with my parallel but separate study of New Thought spirituality – the kind that grew out of the Nineteenth Century work of transcendentalists such as Emerson and Thoreau – that expanded into the movements called Unity, Religious Science, Science of Mind and Christian Science. One day during quiet contemplation, the idea hit me that the work that God began will forever remain unfinished unless we contribute inspired activity. To finish the work (I’m not going to try to define the word, finish, in this post) God needs human beings and their ability to create.

In this model of Spirituality, God is not a doer. God isn’t even a being. God is being itself. God is Infinite Intelligence. God is the infinite field of Ideas, perfect ideas that one by one manifest into physical things. For ideas to become things there has to be a doer, an entity that first thinks and then engages in physical activity to bring about an outcome. We are the doers whose assignment is to manifest ideas into things. That is why we exist. We are, thus, co-creators of the universe. However, we’re not co-creators with God. We are co-creators with each other. God isn’t doing this, we are. God needs you and me so that the work can be finished.

Each of our physical bodies is merely an imaginative tool created for the purpose of engaging in activity, the result of which is the manifestation of ideas into things. Physically speaking, we are nothing more than a cloud of hydrogen gas that’s been refined under the force of gravity. Does that statement surprise? It is true. Actually, it overstates our physicality by quite a measure. It’s been calculated that if all the empty space contained within the atoms of all seven billion human bodies on the planet were to be squeezed out, the matter remaining would fill the space of a sugar cube. What’s more, that miniscule amount of materiality becomes “physical” only after it’s been observed, according to quantum physics. This is the head-on collision we’ve heard about between physics and spirituality. Consciousness pre-exists physical stuff. That’s no surprise to those who know, but for the materialists among us, it makes no sense at all. Here’s the scientific fact: before it’s observed, matter has no materiality. Physicists call an unobserved thing a probability wave function. A probability wave function is not the thing; it’s the likelihood it will become the thing once an observation has taken place. Since that’s a confusing mouthful, I chose to use a less pretentious label which has the same meaning. I call it an “idea.” Add up all the ideas and we have the infinite field of ideas. That is what we know as God.

Yet, our physical nature, empty as it is, includes an amazing quality called life. Along the path from a cloud of hydrogen to now, we became thinking beings. How in the world did that happen? To science, it is a complete mystery. Well, it turns out, that’s not what happened at all. The event of creation occurred in the reverse order. We began as conscious, thinking beings and then we evolved physically. In other words, we added these temporary physical characteristics to what has always existed – our spiritual nature as individualizations of God, our true-selves. We did it so we can engage in an immense variety of physical activities, the purpose of which is to help the universe evolve to that which it must.

Which activities should we be engaged in to finish the work? Simple: we should be engaging only in activity that helps others have a happier, more joyous experience. We should never engage in any activity that reduces the health or wholeness of anyone – including ourselves, especially ourselves. Our assignment is to work on ourselves, not on others, to bring more Love into the world. It gets here by flowing through us and through our activities. When most human beings have properly aligned their activities, the universe will be finished.

Simple? Yes. Easy? Not so much because we have these ego-selves inside us that see life differently than do our higher selves. They see trouble brewing and danger lurking everywhere. That is an illusion. That is our greatest challenge. It’s not out there, it’s in here. Let us work on ourselves.

Another Note from the Universe I received recently said this:

“The lions and tigers and bears of time and space, Doug, are really the angels and fairies and unicorns that followed you here, in disguise, from world’s beyond, agreeing to poke, unnerve, and awaken you should you ever begin to forget that you’re making it all up – your life, that is. Now that’s love.”


3 thoughts on “How We’re Going to Finish

  1. Hello Doug;

    I have also for about 22 years been a follower of physics and quantum mechanics.
    As you have touched upon on one of your essays – it is all mind. The outside story is an illusion that is actually all mind based. Entanglement in physics points to the fact that we are looking or living inside the mind of God. When a person dreams or is imagining a day dream, one realizes that the separation of distance inside a dream is not real since the dream is virtual.

    As you are aware physics is now headed into a new paradigm shift of reality. Now physicist are thinking more and more in terms of – that all reality is a hologram. Pointing again to a mind. As discussed in this YouTube video 16WIlRJxnrY. The idea of the holographic Universe goes back probably to the 1970′s, of course the poet Rumi called it a dream a longtime ago, and ideas of quantum mechanics showed up in the forbidden mathematics of Pythagoras. But more recently physicist have had more information pointing to the holographic ideas in the mathematics of black holes.

    And computation – thus informational physics is a related paradigm as you touched in your videos. As in this YouTube video you may have seen from Dr. Sylvester James Gates. 3BMYtnv_OnI

    I think God which is all of us is going through these many steps of experiences to define his own identity. Since one must have experience good and bad to have identity.

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