Perspectives: New Beginnings

Only the present moment is real. The past is merely the memory of a dream that was what it had to have been so that this moment could be the glorious experience that it is now. It’s the place where my future is born. Created by my thoughts and nurtured by my activities, it’s destined to transform into the vision I hold for the rest of this life.  It’s my new beginning. It’s now. It’s the happiest, the most thrilling, the most personally rewarding and the most abundant segment of my life journey so far because my ego is no longer running it. It had its turn. Although my ego is still my friend, I’ve changed my mind. My soul is now the master of my journey. As the result, my life experience is no longer filtered by the curtains of worry, fear and anxiety like it used to be when my ego was in charge. Those curtains that once blocked the Light are now open. It flows from within through the window of my consciousness into the world around me to bless all those within my reach. I am bathed in this healing Light. It is my guide. I go where It leads.

I don’t know what surprises await me around some of the bends in the road ahead but I look forward to them all with a childlike delight and curiosity. They’ll be periods of discovery and learning that are part of the process of my life vision fulfilling itself. This vision has always been Life’s plan. Now that I’ve stopped blocking it, now that I have said yes to it, it’s unfolding under divine direction. Beginning now, nothing that happens in my life will be insignificant or meaningless. Everything that’s happening is part of the process of the vision fulfilling itself. All of it is Good. The route might seem chaotic at times but seen from the highest perspective, the path I’m on now is the right one, the perfect one. I am where I’m meant to be. The only obstacles that can interfere with my journey are those curtains of my mind, should I let them close. For this reason, the first responsibility I have in this lifetime is to open the curtains and keep them open wide. I do so by being disciplined in thought, by staying present and by living the Truth. It’s as important to the quality of my life as breathing and I am in full control.

As I move along my journey, I remind myself that my entire life experience is flowing from Spirit within into the illusory physical world, not the other way around. This is no metaphor; it is how life works. Nothing that comes into my field of view has an earthly foundation. Everything I see and everything I experience has its origin in Mind and thought: God thoughts, my soul thoughts that arise from the deepest parts of my awareness and the thoughts of my human mind. Each thought makes a powerful imprint on consciousness and begins at once to express itself as my life.

Since the foundation is thought, it’s like a dream, a very special kind of dream. My life vision is where the dream is headed. But if my experience is a dream, is it real? And if it’s not, what is? God is real. Consciousness is real because it is God’s means of expression. God’s Good is real because it is God’s expression. My soul is real because it is God expressing through me and as me. On the other hand, my body and brain, my ego and its chatter, my sensory perceptions and my memory of them are the dream as is everything in the world that appears around me, including time and space itself. All of it is consciousness, a projection from within, having been formed and shaped by the lens of thought.

Every conscious being has their own dream, each a projection of their own consciousness. Billions of these dreams come together and blend with God’s to form the One Dream, the channel through which the entire universe, its history and its future, from the most expansive laws of nature to the tiniest of details,  flows into expression in the present moment. The portions of the dream that are made of human-level thoughts add richness and texture and make life the exciting and entertaining experience that it is. But these thoughts have a curious nature. They tend to bump into one another. When they do that, things begin to happen. Events occur and the dream of life takes form.

Occasionally these events are big but are usually small like ripples on a pond. Large or small, their only consequence to my dream is how I choose to react when they occur. All the pain I’ve ever experienced in life has originated directly from my old tendencies to compulsively judge them as either good or bad and then to worry about them. It was like a game; each one had to be judged. This one is good, that one is not. Judging them that way was erroneous thought based in fear that tended to close those curtains and block the Light. But now I know better: they are neither good nor bad.  Regardless of appearances, they are as neutral as the dream they arose from. Remembering that my first responsibility in life is to keep the curtains open, I remind myself of the Truth. Now, when an event occurs that leads me to want to judge someone for something I thought they did, I remember that they are living their own dream and they are doing the best they can with it. Instead of judging, I forgive them for what they didn’t actually do. And I don’t judge myself or my own actions either. I too am doing the best I can and that is always good enough. So instead, I forgive myself for taking the dream so seriously.

Nor do I judge situations, circumstances or conditions in the world, be they big or small, for they too are neutral. Whether my ego mind thinks they are good or evil, to the extent I worry over them, I give them a power they don’t have on their own and then the curtains begin to close and the Light begins to dim. But that’s the last thing I would want to have happen. The quality of my life lies in the balance. So instead, I choose to let it all go. I become like a crystal. I remain perfectly transparent. Thus, my thinking no longer creates resistance to the Light. Does this mean that I ignore what is happening in the world around me? Of course not. If there is thoughtful action I can take that will make a constructive difference and it’s an area of relevance to my vision, I may choose to take that action. But worry and fear will not be the forces that motivate me because they too are part of the dream.

On the human level this dream feels very real and on that level, it is. But since its origin is consciousness flowing from within and all of it is Good, nothing that happens can bring harm to me, absolutely nothing, not even death and certainly not events of less magnitude than that. Knowing this as a fundamental truth, I no longer feel threatened. I no longer worry or feel fear. That subtle state of anxiety that used to drift like a cloud through my daily experience is gone. And I no longer measure myself by the approval I receive from those within my dream for now I realize how empty and foolish that need really is. All the approval I could ever want flows abundantly from within, through my soul, the only source for all that is Real and Good.

As my adventure unfolds, I know that challenges may occasionally appear along my journey. They will be adjustments to the path I am on and I will always remember their truly divine significance. They’ll quickly transform themselves into magical steppingstones of opportunity as fresh ideas and solutions to illusory problems radiate from Spirit within, pass through me and flow into the world beyond spilling their blessings on all who come within the reach of this expression of Life. And as that Good passes through me, I too am richly blessed. In the process, every need I have, whether now or further down life’s path, is filled with amazing abundance. I realize now I have no remaining unmet needs. They were already filled even before I was aware the need was there.

I am becoming one with consciousness in the present moment. Here I awaken from the dream of life into reality. In the abundant timelessness of the eternal Presence my life vision has already manifested. At the human level, this is my extraordinary future. But in fact, my future is even greater than that. My little human mind simply can’t picture all its greatness just yet. I have awakened to the truth that I am filled with creativity flowing from within. It’s my responsibility to help it continue on its journey into the world around me. My role is to be still and listen; to acknowledge what it’s telling me and say yes to it; to shape it into earthly form; and to help it fully enter the physical realm where it will spread its blessings. This creative process is what makes me real. It’s the only human part of me that is. It’s what makes me indispensable to Life’s plan. It’s the reason I exist, the reason I chose this particular human form. It’s why I do all the creative things I do. Therefore, I affirm this:

I am great. I am a master. And in the reaches of experience I will be known as a giant in my chosen life’s work. My life purpose, to make a meaningful contribution to the expansion of consciousness in all people within my reach is being realized now through the process of living my dream.

I am very thankful for the health, love, laughter, friendship, and abundance of all kinds that flow through my life every hour of every day because I’m having the time of my life living my life from within-out. All is well, life is Good, and I am truly blessed.


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