Celebrate the Seeds You Plant Today

I received an email yesterday that reminded me of something Robert Louis Stevenson once said. It was this, “Do not measure success by today’s harvest. Measure success by the seeds you plant today.” It’s been bouncing around in my head ever since.

Those who seek the Truth know that it’s not today’s harvest that deserves one’s attention. What matters is the action we’re taking toward the vision we hold for our future.

Any great accomplishment requires three primary ingredients. Our physical selves dictate two of them. The first is the vision we hold of a present-moment experience what’s yet to be, just one aspect of the future we’ve intentionally chosen for ourselves. The second is the action we take every day toward the vision we hold. The third ingredient is not ours. It’s the work of the Universe. It’s God’s work. It’s the details about how the dream is to unfold. So long as we intentionally hold the vision clearly in our minds and do the work required every day, whatever it might be, the Universe does the more difficult task of connecting the dots, blending our dreams with those of everyone else’s, leading us from where we are now to the attainment of the future harvest.

So, don’t celebrate the harvest. It’s as automatic as one plus one equals two. Instead, celebrate the steps you take every day, the seeds you plant. That’s the miracle work you perform. That’s what deserves celebration. It’s your contribution to the grand plan of Life. It’s the only part of the physical you that’s real. It’s the reason the real you selected this particular physical expression of you to act in it’s behalf in the present moment. It’s your job to do. You do it well. Celebrate it!

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