After Death, Do Our Spiritual Journeys Start Over from the Beginning?

What happens when our physical bodies die? Do we have to start our spiritual journeys again from the beginning? How tiring that would be after a few lifetimes. Contemplating this from where spirituality and physics intersect, I’ve concluded that reincarnation, the cycle of birth-death-rebirth, is a less than satisfactory description of what happens. Instead, I believe in life uninterrupted by death. Let me explain what I mean.

First, let’s make a quick visit to the quantum world. Physics says that at the smallest levels imaginable, everything is quantized. That means that everything is made of particles, even space and time. It’s difficult to get a mental grip on what particles of space or time might be like but that’s what most quantum physicists claim these days. (To be more precise, we’re talking here about particles of spacetime, not of space and of time, since physicists know space and time are one thing, not two. But, we don’t need to concern ourselves with that detail right now.)

Quantized time means time doesn’t flow smoothly. If it can be said to flow at all, it’s in a jerky one frame at a time manner where the interval between two particles of time does not exist. At our human level, we’ll never notice the stop-gap nature of time because the intervals are incredibly brief. They last merely 10-43 seconds. What matters is that time “flows” the same way a scene on a movie screen flows: one still frame after another.

Therefore, my life experience is a series of four dimensional “images,” each one extremely brief. Only one exists at a time and each one is slightly different from the one it replaced. Run together at life-speed, I experience life itself.

We humans have a marvelous ability to remember the stop-action frames that preceded the one we’re experiencing right now. The ability to remember allows us to extend our experience backward in time, but only in mind. In addition, we can mentally project, with varying degrees of accuracy, what the next frames are going to be like. The result is a present-moment that feels like it’s as wide as an ocean. However, the only thing that’s physically real is the individual frame that exists now.

Returning to the level of time-particles once more, what kind of substance do they float around in? They float in a sea of consciousness. They are, in reality, consciousness that‘s “solidified” in a manner reminiscent of water that turns to ice. Or, stated in different words, time is a God-thought that expresses itself in the physical realm. Since time and space are one, space and everything in it (spatial dimensions, energy and atoms, for instance) are also expressions of the same thought: separation.

This reasoning leads to an inescapable conclusion. At the physical level, you and I are the result of thoughts held in the universal consciousness becoming aware that our physical selves are but a tiny part of our whole selves. Our whole selves are part of the undifferentiated Oneness. In other words, I share my consciousness with you and you, with me. We are One. Yet, as undifferentiated as we are in Oneness, in the physical realm our human thoughts are differentiated. It has to be that way or we’d experience the ultimate chaos.

Now let’s return to the question about life, death and life cycles. The experience of physical life is not what it appears to be to our five human senses. It’s merely a projection from the realm of consciousness. It’s a beautiful thought. In that respect, it’s like a dream, a very special kind of dream. To me, this awareness makes life an even more wonderful and amazing experience than I used to imagine. However, compared to my whole self, it’s rather insignificant.

I (my true self) am currently enjoying a dream about an explorer named Doug Stearns. Another way of looking at it is to consider my true self as the observer who’s enjoying a four dimensional movie about the life of the explorer named Doug Stearns – from a perspective that originates within that character. However, that character is not who I am. I am so much more. I am all possibilities. I have no limitations. I have other dreams. I watch other channels. I probably flit between them like switching between stations on a television and do so so rapidly that my physical being isn’t even aware. It’s only the ego-minds of the various physical characters that worry about things like birth and death. Birth and death don’t matter because they are merely the bookends of a fabulous illusion.

It’s our attachment to these bodies that creates the problems. It leads to fear that evolves into all the great problems humanity has always faced: war, crime, poverty and abuse. When we accept this truth and let go, we will be free to live the lives we’re meant to live, not based in fear and anxiety but based in love. Life is for living, not for dying. You and I are spiritual beings who have the most marvelous of tools – these physical bodies – to help us explore the incredible physical universe. Recognize who we are and let go of the thought that we are one of those characters. We are whole and perfect expressions of God. The rest of it just doesn’t matter.

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