Guidelines for the Master Creator

Guidelines for the Master Creator

  • The human mind doesn’t think. It’s merely a lens, a passageway into the physical universe.
  • Consciousness flows from the realm of Oneness within. It is whole, perfect and pure.
  • Following its compulsion to express, consciousness flows through the lens.
  • Your thought is the muscle that shapes the lens which in turn focuses the energy of consciousness and conveys to it a unique shape and texture. When you think, you are the creator.
  • Molded by your thought and energized by light, consciousness takes on physical form.
  • Light from the manifestation reflects back to you, its creator. You detect it with your five senses and you perceive it as your life experience. You are seeing a reflection of your thoughts. At the same time, it is shared with everyone within your reach.
  • Whatever was created by this process is a masterpiece.
  • Nevertheless, what you created might not please you. It might seem to you to be less than perfect. If so, don’t blame the reflection. Don’t blame consciousness either. Simply alter the shape of your lens.
  • Engage your thought muscles. Ask yourself, why did I shape the flow of consciousness the way I did? Did I lose sight of my Vision? Did I ignore my Purpose? Did I simply not do my best? Or, perhaps my creation is as perfect as it needs to be and it’s my judgment of it that needs to be healed.
  • Sit quietly and listen to the answers thoughtfully and nonjudgmentally. If you want to, chose a different way of thinking.
  • The change in thought re-shapes the lens and immediately, your life experience transforms into a new masterpiece.
  • Then give thanks for the Truth that you are the master, that you are a creative genius.

2 thoughts on “Guidelines for the Master Creator

  1. Thank you for another good and thought provoking post, Doug. I understand the concept of the lens you write about more now that I’m able to reread your words.

    I’m so happy that you write about what you do – - – and I benefit and grow the way I do from it!

    Love, Leslie

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