A Technique to Heal Troublesome Thoughts

I enjoy life so much! The more years that go by, the more I realize how special physical life is. I try to never take it for granted. The love and joy that’s part of my daily experience is rich with abundance of many kinds. Every day is a new beginning, full of opportunities and possibilities. However, once in a while troubling thoughts overtake my happiness. I’d like to share with you how an understanding of the physics of Truth helps me turn my perspective back into a joyous experience.

My physical human expression, wonderful as it is, shrinks to insignificance when compared to the awesomeness of my true existence, my spiritual side. You see, I wouldn’t even know I have a physical expression if it weren’t for the consciousness that’s flowing through me. Let me explain what I mean.

Science shows that neither energy, space nor time is continuous. Rather, at the most fundamental levels, they are particles. I’ve written about this several times. (Here, for instance.) When it was discovered approximately a hundred years ago this knowledge was a game changer. It was the birth of quantum physics and led to a scientific revolution. Everything digital – your cell phone is an example – ascended out of the discovery. It’s said that 25% of the current United States economy is based in this discovery.

In this article, we’ll focus on time and what quantized time means to us at the level of human experience. Quantum physics says that at very small intervals, time displays itself as a series of individual fixed instants. They cannot be subdivided further. Between them, time does not exist. A useful analogy is a movie. Movies are made up of a series of still pictures. Projected, the movie might appear to span weeks, months or even years. However, the passage of time is an illusion. You can put the whole thing into a canister and when you do, years coexist as a single moment in time.

At the human level of existence, life is a projection of these instants. Each is far shorter in duration than can be directly detected by even the most sophisticated instruments. Scientifically, the duration is written this way: 10-43 seconds. One instant appears, and then it vanishes. Another instant appears and then it vanishes. In each of these instants, the arrangement of subatomic particles is slightly different from the last but within any one of them, nothing changes. There are “gaps” between the instants of time (the still pictures in the movie analogy).  The substance that fills these gaps is consciousness. Spiritual energy is the power that projects them.

The sum total of physical life at any one moment, then, is an extremely brief snapshot. Atoms in these instants are the pixels of the image. Physics has shown that these atoms are essentially empty space, adding to their insignificance. The subatomic particles (electrons and so forth) that make up the atoms are merely energy acting as particles. Standing on their own, the nothingness of these instants is remarkable. However, by remembering a series of them they begin to appear, in some sense, real. Add to that the ability to anticipate what’s going to happen in the next instants turns physical life into the extraordinary experience that it is. It truly becomes incredible. However, none of it is actually physical. All of it is pure spiritual energy in motion.

So, what can we do with this knowledge that will be beneficial to our life experiences when we have troubling thoughts? Here’s what I do with it.

Whenever troubling thoughts arise in my mind, I remind myself that whatever the situation, circumstance or condition is, its physical reality is at most insignificant. The entirety of experience I’m having is my consciousness of it. I remind myself that the core of my consciousness, which is God, is pure, whole and perfect. I remind myself that spiritual energy is flowing through my human mind and that my ego-level thoughts are molding that energy into an appearance that’s causing the experience to be troublesome. I remind myself that I am in control of my ego-thoughts and that I can change them.

Then, I exercise a bit of mental discipline and I do change my thoughts. Having done so, I’ve become like a crystal. I’m no longer creating resistance to the pure, whole and perfect spiritual energy flowing from within. At this point, I realize that the situation, circumstance or condition is not bad. It is neutral. It’s just a part of the universe doing what it does so well. It is constantly unfolding into more greatness. Change is taking place and it is good. My human perspective may be too limited to see it clearly but I know I can trust Life to connect the dots and turn the troubling experience into something beautiful.

4 thoughts on “A Technique to Heal Troublesome Thoughts

  1. Right on, Doug. Again, another well written article that has helped me to bridge the world of science with spirituality. Thank you for the practical application/explanation for turning my thoughts around, too.

    Nice last sentence, btw. Love it!

    Love, Leslie

  2. Thanks for the important reminders, dad. I love it when what I know to be TRUE turns out to be backed up by science!
    I’ve been reminded lately that both time and space are illusory – there is only ONENESS, perfection, Spirit. Haven’t quite grasped it completely but the idea that time and space are made up of the same illusory stuff seams somehow significant.
    Love you!

  3. Thanks for your comment, Becky. It is profound, isn’t it? However, if a person accepts the concept of Oneness, then yes, even time and space must be part of the One. When you think deeply about it, the realization hits that what space and time actually are, are separators. Nothing more. We have a tendency to think it’s so complicated. It’s really quite simple. Space separates objects; time separates events. Oneness is all things, minus the ‘idea’ of separation.

    • Hello Frere,

      Thanks for your comment. If you stay with your new meditation practice, you’ll surely experience a new understanding of life that will lead you to greater joy and happiness. Isn’t that what we really want? Blessings, Doug

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