It Doesn’t Matter

I’ve written a few times about an idea that is, in my opinion, central to living a happy, joyous and abundant life. It’s that those things that happen in the present moment don’t really matter. This realization opens the door to personal peace and along with it, the freedom to trust Life to deal with the details of living while one evolves in the direction of one’s vision. Occasionally, I get push back on that idea so I’d like to explain my reasoning on a deeper level.

This is a fact: there’s only one real you. It exists in the realm of Oneness. It’s the divine you. The “you” we commonly think of as real, your physical expression, is a projection out of the realm of Oneness. It’s quite fantastic and it feels real but that’s because it’s where your five physical senses reside. It’s actually more like a dream or an illusion. We can prove that by examining the physics of the particles that make up your body. Looking closely, we discover the curious truth: there’s nothing physical there! It’s not unlike a movie where one still frame after another is projected quickly in rapid sequence. The projection transates into an illusion of motion and passing time where neither existed prior to the projection.This is the mask you wear. Its purpose is to interact with other projections, the end product of which wants to be the evolution of the universe towards a higher level of consciousness because that’s what the universe does. Depending on how your mask fulfills its responsibility, the interaction does indeed advance the universe to a higher expression of perfection. However, as a physical being, you have free latitude to choose to participate in the evolution of the universe or not.

There’s a cost associated with a decision not to participate. All of us have experienced it to one extent or another. It’s a life filled with worry, fear and anxiety. Alternatively, a decision to align oneself with the universe activates the enormous power of Spirit and that leads directly to a life filled with joy and happiness; a life where all needs are met with an overflowing abundance of good. Isn’t that what we’re seeking?

When a situation, condition or circumstance that most people would judge as negative shows up in the physical realm in the vicinity of our physical expression (it’s another one of those projections), we can exercise a choice. We can choose to judge it as bad. If we do, the decision keeps it alive indefinitely in the evolving present moment when it should have existed for only a moment. It’s a decision that’s out of alignment. Alternatively, we can treat the situation as neutral. It’s neither bad nor is it good. It is what it is. Whatever it is, it can’t bring harm to us because it’s merely a projection into the physical realm while we are in the realm of Spirit. It cannot touch us. Nor can it harm our loved ones for precisely the same reason.

Having not judged, the situation, condition or circumstance then instantly moves into the illusory past. There, it will exist merely as the memory of a dream, something that had to have been so that our evolved present moment experiences can be what they will be, an incredibly rich and beautiful experience that’s filled with joy, happiness and abundance.

Whatever happens in the physical realm therefore doesn’t matter. Judging it and worrying about it serves no purpose except to extend suffering.

Nothing here should be construed to mean you shouldn’t take action if action is the appropriate response. If your action will make a positive difference in the world and particularly if it falls within the reach of your Life Purpose, you might even own the responsibility to do so. Follow these rules, however, and the action you take won’t be driven by fear, worry and suffering. It will be driven by the pure purpose of elevating the universe (and yourself) to a higher level of consciousness. That is how I define Love.

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