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Introduction to The Physics of Truth

What is life and why does it exist? All of us have contemplated these questions. I’ve read ideas from a number of exceptionally wise people and I’ve tried to come up with my own. Yet, I’ve never hit on an answer that felt satisfying. It may be that the answer falls outside the range of knowable facts. Regardless, the questions exist and, like a mountain standing majestically in the distance begging to be climbed, some of us can’t resist the challenge. This website is my attempt to reach the summit. What I am sure of is that the path up this mountain leads through opulent fields of Oneness. The route is filled to overflowing with an abundance of awe inspiring vistas that make my entire being vibrate in joy and harmony with the Universe. To me, that’s reason enough to make the trip. Perhaps I won’t reach the summit. That’s alright. The pleasure will be in taking the time to make the journey. I hope you’ll spend a while and explore with me.

Think about the word “One” for a moment. It might be the only word in the English language that can be used unambiguously in a search for the kind of answers we seek. The unfortunate truth is, however, that when the word is used, it’s usually used ambiguously. It’s usually used together with other words and as soon as that happens, there’s not One anymore. There’s two (or more likely, many). The only way to avoid the ambiguity issue altogether is to use the word One by itself. That’s how it’s used as a mantra during meditation. As wonderful a mantra as it is, using it by itself generates another problem. It then fails to explain the thoughts that are flowing from my consciousness onto these pages.  It’s a problem but we’ll do the best we can with it.

The purpose of this web site is to explore Oneness. To me, the meaning of the word is synonymous with words like Consciousness, Life (note the capital letter), God and others.  It’s the central theme that runs through all the world’s religions, the foundation on which they were originally built, the Perennial Philosophy. It’s what the ancient spiritual avatars taught. The Buddha called it Nirvana and the Silence. Jesus called it Heaven and the Kingdom of God. We’re all talking about the same thing: the One.

Oneness also is the core of quantum physics. (That surprised me greatly when the idea first struck. However, I shouldn’t have been surprised. If Oneness is the Truth, then quantum physics must be part of the One.) Even though most orthodox physicists are unwilling to admit it, when one drills down to the most fundamental level of physical reality, we bump up against the same Oneness that Jesus called Heaven. It’s really quite embarrassing for most of them and maybe that’s one of the reasons I find it so much fun to investigate. The famous quantum physicist and Nobel Prize winner, Richard Feynman, when questioned by his Caltech students about this was famously quoted as saying, “Shut up and calculate,” meaning, ignore the deeper questions and get back to the study of physics. Some maintain the quote was inaccurate. Whether it was or not, it’s a fitting illustration of the reluctance of mainstream physics to investigate where their beloved science so clearly points.  I believe that one day they will. To continue to ignore such an obvious conclusion will, in my opinion, push physics into irrelevance, not in the near-term future, but eventually.

There are two routes up this mountain. One is by way of spiritual work, study and contemplation. The other is by way of focusing on quantum physics. I have chosen to take both routes simultaneously. It can add to the challenge due to the raw complexity of physics. However, the extra challenge is made up for by being able to arrive at a more complete understanding based on both faith and reason. There’s a side benefit too. By taking both paths, there are many more vistas along the way to see and enjoy . I hope you find that it makes sense. And I hope you’ll let me know what you think.


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