About the Author

Doug Stearns has always been struck by the relationship that exists between spirituality and science. In the experience of life, there exists an underlying Truth. Spirituality and science (especially quantum physics, the most fundamental of the sciences) approach the same Truth from different directions. He feels one can comprehend Truth more fully by taking both paths.

The Truth: everything in the physical realm has its origin in thought.

Doug began his search for Truth in his twenties. At that time, he recalls, he really didn’t know what he was looking for. He gained an intellectual awareness of Truth. However, he he failed to translate the knowledge he gained into mental habits that would be of benefit to his life. Years later he returned to the study of Truth. As the direct result, he’s experiencing the happiest and most satisfying period of his life’s journey.

He grew up in Seattle and graduated from the University of Washington School of Business. His business career path led him to live it live throughout the country, eventually returning to the Pacific Northwest and resides once again in the Seattle area. A few years ago he left his business career to became a full time writer and a teacher of the Physics of Truth.

Doug’s interest in writing centers in the inspirational fiction genre. Following the dictum that one should write what he knows, the novel he’s writing blends New Thought spiritual principles with quantum physics. It’s a captivating story about two people, a retired physics professor and young boy, a high school student. They start out on separate journeys of self-discovery and end up sharing a common spiritual path. Along the way they make a remarkable astronomical discovery that proves the Truth that life evolves out of consciousness. As the boy becomes a man he uses his knowledge to develop a practice that helps thousands live happier and more abundant lives. Doug says that the ending is going to force all who read it to re-think the meaning of their own lives and what they are going to do with it. He expects to publish in early 2012.


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