Thought Accelerated by Action Equals Creation

Human beings are God’s co-creators. The simple truth is, God cannot do the work without us. We create all kinds of things using our thoughts and actions. It is a wonderfully powerful combination. When we focus our thoughts on an idea in consciousness and accelerate those thoughts with action anchored in the present moment, the idea transforms into a physical thing. Thought is the force that works at the quantum level. Action is the force that works at the human level. It’s the glue that ties the realm of Consciousness to the physical realm. The Universe takes care of everything that needs to occur between those two “bookend” forces. The human being holds the thought and moves the feet; the Universe connects the dots. Space and time inflate the idea in a manner reminiscent of a balloon filling with air. Electrons separate from other electrons and from protons and neutrons. Atoms and molecules form into physical substances. Shape and form arise out of purpose. The size of the idea makes no difference. Whether it’s a cup of tea or peace in our time, the result is always the same: the idea becomes a physical thing experienced in the evolving present moment.

What have you been creating lately?