December 21, 2012 and What it May Mean

With December 21, 2012, the end of the Mayan calendar, closing on us, many are looking for meaning. Some fear an apocalyptic end of the world. Many others see a more positive, transformative outcome, a birth of some kind. Futurist Barbara Marx Hubbard sees the date, or rather the date following, as a major step in the evolution of conscious on our planet, the birth of a new kind of consciousness. I lean to her interpretation, in a metaphorical sense.

In order to establish meaning for myself, I summarized the results of my lifetime of study and contemplation of spirituality and physics. In ten short posts, one a day beginning today (December 13), I will explain what I’ve come to understand so far.

  1. (December 13) Oneness is the fundamental Truth. Oneness is God and God is within, not inside my body but inside my awareness. Everything including my experience of life is part of the Oneness. Therefore, the entire universe resides within my awareness, not “out there” in space and time where my senses want it to be. There is no “out there.” Everything is mind.
  2. (December 14) Space and time are not places, they are relationships in awareness. These relationships are the carriers of separation.
  3. (December 15) Energy, also called light, is an expression of mind, not of the material realm. The physical evidence for this outrageous assertion is that light does not experience space or time. This is a fact of physics. It is immune to spacetime relationships. It experiences no separation. Its origin therefore cannot be physical. Light is highly focused conscious awareness. Thought is the tool that does the focusing. It turns awareness into an experience that resonates physically as the fuzziness of awareness becomes materially distinct.
  4. (December 16) Awareness is a cosmic field of information. The smallest unit of information is called an idea. This is equivalent to the model of the smallest unit of light, which we know as a photon.  Ideas manifest as material things when thought is focused on them in consciousness. Physicists call this process, observation. It is demonstrated in a well-equipped physics lab in what is called an electron
    splitter experiment. The ideas physicists experiment on are electrons and other subatomic particles. When observed, the idea of an electron (they call it a probability wave function) becomes a physical electron. Both the electron and
    its history manifest together. When thought is focused on any idea or pattern of ideas, they show up in the evolving present moment as an object, event or experience. They appear momentarily and then immediately return to awareness.
    They are then replaced with a new manifestation slightly changed from the one that proceeded it. This gives us the illusion of passing time. Ideas that have already manifested constitute the past; those not yet manifested are the future, the realm of all possibilities.
  5. (December 17) Everything said to be material is made of matter such as electrons and quarks. Matter is energy (light). It is not that matter was once energy that has transformed into something material. It is energy now and nothing but energy. Matter’s materiality has nothing to do with what it is: light (focused conscious awareness) with a specific pattern of frequency vibrations. Matter’s materiality arises out of my observation of it in awareness. It is a dance of energy fields – mine and the idea’s. Matter is not one energy field or the other or both together. It is the dance itself, accelerated by thoughts held subconsciously, consciously and super-consciously.
  6. (December 18) We are beings in a sea of consciousness. We create the evolving present moment, our individual and shared experiences of life, with our thoughts. Regardless of appearances, our present moment is perfect, whole and as it should be right now. Its perfection often alludes us because most of us are stuck in the illusion of separation.  It’s like a dream but we cannot know it’s a dream while we sleep. We wake up and know the truth when we realize at the depths of our understanding that we are God individualized as us. Believe it or not, we know what we are doing.
  7. (December 19) From this perfect moment forward our life experiences will evolve in harmony with the thoughts we project within and express outward toward others. Each thought has creative power. Thoughts packed with emotion (fear for example) have more creative power. Thoughts that are aligned with action in the present moment become supercharged with creative power. At the same time, thoughts have a tendency to conflict with one another. If I generate one thought that says, “All my needs are met with an overflowing abundance,” followed by another that says, “I’m worried I won’t have enough to cover my obligations,” the manifested result will fall somewhere between the two depending on the strength of my emotions and the quality of action I take now. Whatever it is, I will have created it.
  8. (December 20) The foregoing leads to an inescapable conclusion. I am an eternal being of mind. I am God individualized as me. I am not this body nor am I the sum of my ego-level thoughts, the part of my consciousness that’s chained to this body. My body and the personality attached to it are how I have projected myself into this physical realm of illusion. The reason I did that is to interact with other individualized expressions of God. One of them is you. In other words, the physical side of you and me as well as our experiences of life are our dreams. You are not the lead character in your dream, you are the one who dreams and observes, as am I. Therefore, nothing that happens physically can cause either of us harm. Nothing, not even the death of our made up characters can have an effect on our true selves. Therefore, there is absolutely nothing for us to fear.
  9. (December 21) Today is December 21, 2012. It’s the last day of the Mayan calendar. As such it probably has no significance at all except to the superstitious. However, tomorrow will be different. December 22nd is the day that’s been selected to mark the birth of a new human consciousness. We will awake at the dawn and begin to know the Truth: We are unique expressions of the Oneness. We are individualized  manifestations of being in the sea of consciousness. We are eternal. So that we can experience the amazing wonder of physical life we’ve used the power of thought to create these bodies and personalities and an environment to live and work and play in. We’ve created all this directly out of awareness. Some of us have already known this. They have had a head start in the evolutionary process and they will be our big sisters and brothers. The rest of us will be born as infants into a new era, one by one. We will grow to be children, adolescents and one day, adults and we will live our physical lives from the perspective of our awareness in Spirit. On the surface, human life won’t be radically different compared to the previous age. For example, emotional and physical pain will still be part of human living. However, we will know that, while it is human to suffer, we aren’t the humans. We are eternal beings of Spirit. For us, there is no pain or suffering and never has been. As for our surrogates, they will learn to feel pain without suffering.
  10. (December 22) This day symbolically marks the beginning of a new universal consciousness. It arrives with the awareness that, as beings of Spirit, there is nothing to fear because nothing, absolutely nothing can bring us harm. This awareness is being born in everyone, one person at a time. It is accelerating. It shows up subtly at first but as more people begin living their lives from their highest level of conscious awareness instead of their lowest, human behavior will shift. The beginnings are already upon us. We are no longer competing, we are helping, assisting and serving others. They come first, I come second. However, the most amazing thing happens now. Although my needs are subservient to theirs, all my needs are fulfilled as a byproduct of serving them. Eventually, no one will have unfulfilled needs. The shift is subtle but at the same time, everything is turned on its head. Our human-level beingness, those surrogate expressions we created, are beginning to figure this out. Everyone is an integral part of the Oneness, not separate even though our senses try to make it appear that way. They are one with the whole just as you are and I am. Gradually, these newly birthed expressions of consciousness are going to grow to become leaders in governments, politics, business, religion, the arts, charity, agriculture, science, conservation, medicine, the media, communication, entertainment and technology. This is an evolution, not a revolution. It might take generations to unfold or it might happen with a rush that astounds us all. It’s going to be exciting to watch the unfolding from our eternal perspective as individual expressions of God.


    A personal note: A few months ago I had the rare privilege of chatting at length with Barbara Marx Hubbard. She was in town to give a talk at the spiritual center I call home in Bellevue, WA. I was asked to drive her to and from her lecture. So, early that Sunday morning I picked her up at her sister’s home in Seattle and brought her to Bellevue. We talked mostly about spirituality and physics and what the intersection of those two disciplines means. We also discussed her book, Emergence, The Shift from Ego to Essence and her December 22nd Birth 2012 event ( that then seemed like a long way off but today is being celebrated worldwide. That day as we drove across Lake Washington I fell in love with her, her message and what she’s doing for humanity. She is a blessing to us all. Thank you, Barbara, for inspiring this series of posts.