The Single Most Important Activity of Life

Where does thought come from? Some say it originates in our brains; that it’s the byproduct of the chemical and electromagnetic activity of our nervous systems. This is the orthodox scientific point of view. It’s a belief system that argues that consciousness doesn’t have a separate reality of its own; that it’s an illusion of sorts. It reasons that there would be no consciousness if there were no brains. It’s a belief system that is, in my opinion, as dead as the idea that the earth is flat or that the sun revolves around it.

Consciousness is the reality. Everything else is the illusion. All the atoms in our bodies are consciousness that have taken the form of subatomic particles. Physics experiments are full of evidence of this. Physicists, however, are hesitant to attribute this creative process to consciousness. Instead, they use the word, “observer.” Particles are created by observation, they say. How does that work? you ask. They don’t know. The answer is: flowing consciousness, shaped by the pattern of thought, becomes physical form. The big picture arises out of God-thought. The fine details are your creative work and mine.

You and I are co-creators with God. We are spiritual beings of the realm of consciousness having a human experience. What an incredibly spectacular experience it is! The question is, how can we make the best of it in our everyday lives?

I have a theory that human-level thought isn’t what we usually think it is. It’s not thinking at all. It’s a lens. Consciousness flows from the inner realm (God or Oneness, the “place” without space and time, the source of separation) through our human-level thoughts. These thoughts “bend” and shape consciousness much like a lens bends light. Our human thoughts of love, joy, happiness and abundance shape consciousness positively and results in an experience that reflects those thoughts. Thoughts of fear, worry, anxiety, lack and judgment shape consciousness negatively. Stated directly and emphatically, the quality of our lives is solely the result of the way we think. Period. Want a happier life? Change the shape of your lens. Change your thoughts. It’s as simple as that even if it isn’t easy to do.

The natural way the universe wants to evolve is toward higher, more perfect levels of expression. That’s apparent when one considers the evolution of the universe as a whole from the simple mass of hydrogen atoms it was 13.7 billion years ago into living, breathing, thinking human beings today. Its desire to evolve this way extends to the personal experience we’re having as individuals. However, those emotions of fear, worry, anxiety, lack and judgment create curtains in the mind that block the good (the Light) that wants to express.

The desire to have a happier, more joyous and abundant life is a fundamental part of the evolutionary process of the universe. However, when we look around, we don’t see as much of that as we do fear, worry, anxiety and judgment. Why not? It’s because we allow those curtains to block the Light. We all do it to an extent but some do it a lot more than others do.

The most important activity in life is to open the curtains and keep them wide open so that the Light can flow freely. It’s as important to the quality of life as breathing and you are in complete control of it. There’s no other responsibility in life that rises to this level of importance. Remember the last time you flew in an airplane? The cabin attendant told you, in an emergency, put on your air mask first, then assist your children. The reason is obvious. The same thing applies here.

How, then, do we create that happier, more joyous and abundant life? Here are my suggestions summarized in eight steps:

1 – Acknowledge that your true self is a spiritual being and you’re having an experience as a physical being

  • Your true self cannot be affected by anything in the physical realm.
  • The purpose of your physical experience is to contribute to the process of evolving the universe toward higher levels of perfection. The process begins inside you and the shape of your thoughts and activities. Thoughts and activities that don’t contribute positively to the process are out of alignment with the universe and, to one degree or another, contribute to suffering.

2 – Discipline your human-level thoughts

  • Stop indulging in thoughts of negativity and lack. Stop judging yourself, others and conditions or situations that occur in the world around you. Considering who your true self really is, none of that matters anyway. When you put blame on another person or situation for what you perceive as a negative experience, you relinquish all your creative power. This is judgment in its most raw form. It’s fatal to a happy, joyous and abundant life.
  • Forgive yourself for taking life so seriously.
  • Forgive others because they, like you, are experiencing life and like you, are doing the best they can.

3 – Determine your life purpose and focus on it both mentally and physically

  • In one or two sentences, write down your life purpose. Don’t be concerned if it doesn’t feel perfect the first time you do it. It will evolve over time. Write it and rewrite it.
  • Answer the question, “What would I love to do that benefits other human beings within the reach of my experience?” This doesn’t have to be “big” but it certainly may be. It very well might be what you’re already doing but you might need to change the way you think about it in order to fall in love with it. Your life purpose is never about you. Change your focus from what you get out of it to what everyone within your reach gets out of it.
  • Be certain your life purpose reflects what you love to do. If you don’t or can’t love it, choose another purpose. Why? Because if you love it, it will align with the universe and doing it will draw the power of the universe into your activities. It will be fun and you’ll find it much easier to do. You will, in fact, have the time of your life!

4 – Create a written vision statement of the life you want to be living four to eight years (or so) from now centered on your life purpose

  • Your vision is where you’ll want to think big. It’s said that if you think you can achieve your vision without God’s help, it isn’t big enough.
  • Write your vision statement as if you are in the future looking around at your then-current life. Be positive, enthusiastic and creative. Express gratefulness for what’s happened because, after all, at the future moment your vision takes place in, all your dreams have already been fulfilled! This is a very big deal! Make it several paragraphs long. Each paragraph should discuss one of the five basic areas of life: health, creative expression (deal with employment here but not income), friendships and relationships, financial circumstances (income goes here) and spiritual growth.
  • Your vision statement isn’t a future goal to be achieved. Rather, it’s a tool to give a space and time direction to your present-moment experience, the only place life occurs. As such, it needs to evolve as you move forward through life. Think of it as the beginning of a life-long process. Keep extending your vision as you reach higher levels of awareness.
  • It’s recommended that you put your vision statement into your computer so that it’s easy to make changes to it whenever the impulse strikes you. It won’t evolve otherwise. I use a tablet computer for this purpose because it’s always close by and quick to get into. I make changes to mine two or three times a week. I change a word here, a sentence there. I add new ideas to it and delete ideas that no longer work for me. If it were handwritten, this just wouldn’t happen. If you don’t have a computer, get one and learn how to use it. Remember, this is the most important responsibility of your life. As already stated, it ranks up there with breathing.

5 – Fill your present moment experience with activities that lead in the direction of your vision

  • In other words, move your feet. If your vision is to be a great writer, write every day!

6 – Every day, do the best you can and have fun with it

  • Your best will always be good enough even though your best will vary day to day, hour to hour, sometimes even minute to minute.
  • No extra credit is earned for being perfect so don’t exhaust yourself trying for that. However, less than your best won’t get you to where you want to be.
  • Be gentle with yourself and don’t take it too seriously! Remember, visioning is all about turning your illusory physical experience into a joyous experience as you help the universe evolve to higher levels of perfection. It has no effect whatsoever on your true self. What I’m trying to say here is this: there are no wrong decisions. The universe will turn all choices into perfect solutions as long as you don’t get in the way. Even if short-term results appear to your physical self to be failing, trust the universe. It knows better than you what it’s doing. Any chaos you feel will simply be an expression of your own resistance to the fulfillment of your dreams.

7 – Don’t attempt to dictate how your vision should unfold or precisely where you’ll end up

  • That is God’s responsibility. Your job is to hold the vision in your human-level consciousness and move your feet by doing what you love to do in the present moment to the best of your ability.
  • Leave it to the universe to connect the dots – it’s what it does naturally and easily, even when the vision is huge. It’s not something we as human beings have the power to do because far too many people, situations, conditions and circumstances are involved in fulfilling even the most modest visions. Stay on this formula and the dots will connect and in amazing, often surprising ways.

8 – Listen for guidance from the universe and say yes when it speaks

  • God will connect the dots and guide you along the path as your vision unfolds. However, here’s another responsibility you own. First, you need to listen. God usually speaks indirectly, often through the words and actions of others. If your ego-self is caught up in judgment and other negative thought, you’ll likely never hear the guidance because of the interfering noise your ego-mind creates. Don’t let your ego sideline your progress. Instead, reassign your ego to the role of a supportive servant to your highest good and let your higher self take charge of your future.
  • Second, resolve that when you hear the universe speak, say “yes” to the guidance you receive. Sometimes this means that you’ll be agreeing to do things that you otherwise might not want to do because it pushes you outside your comfort zone. Do it anyway. Say “yes.” Trust that you’ll have all the strength and ability you need to handle whatever challenges the universe sends your way because you will.
  • How will you know what is guidance from the universe and what is ego-mind feedback? This is another reason to listen carefully. If the guidance will move you and others forward toward increasing health and wholeness; and if the good involved is centered not on you but on the others within the reach of your life expression (even if there’s a peripheral benefit to you), you can safely conclude this is guidance from the universe. If, on the other hand, you will be the primary benefactor, it’s most likely ego-mind feedback and a “no thank you” is appropriate. After a while, it will become easy to differentiate the messages.

The secret to a happy, joyous and abundant life is to open the curtains of the mind and keep them wide open. This is as important to the quality of your life as breathing and you are fully in charge of it. When you acknowledge in your heart that your true self isn’t of the physical world, you then realize that nothing that happens in the world can bring harm to you or to anyone else’s true self either. And when you realize that, worry, fear and anxiety dissolve.

Put your life focus on what you truly love to do that benefits all the wonderful people within the reach of your expression of life. When you’ve done that, you’ve aligned yourself with the universe and you are doing that which elevates it to its highest levels of perfection. You are co-creating with God.